Trip Report: Using Qantas points on American Airlines from NYC to CVG

Trip Report: NYC to CVG, Using Qantas Points on American Airlines

I spent 64000 points booking a flight from New York to Cincinnati with Qantas points on American Airlines. It may seem like a lot of points to waste for a domestic trip, but I figured it was worth it.

When I was researching, it seemed like it would be cheaper for me to use Capital One points through transfer partners rather than buying a flight directly with cash.

Keep reading to find out my strategy for this trip and detailed research methods. If you’re a beginner to the world of miles and points, you might find it helpful.

The Research

When I was preparing for this trip, a friend told me there would be a $75 one-way ticket, which I couldn’t find. United out of Newark Airport was the cheapest choice for the date I chose. However, I would have to pay between $120-$150 to park my car at the airport since I live in New York.

Newark to CVG, Google Flights

And I was not about to do that.

In my Capital One account, I had 100,000 miles from Venture X’s intro bonus and I intended to use them for an aspirational international trip. I quickly hopped on AwardHacker, and searched how many points it would cost for a round trip. I needed 4 tickets as I was flying with my family.

Award Hacker

As you can see, Alaska miles was the cheapest, but it was not a transfer partner. Next, I checked how much it would cost to purchase the ticket directly with American Airlines. Oh boy, that’s a hefty price for 4 tickets.

American Airline - NY to CVG

Let’s get more data to validate the use of points. According to Upgrade Points, Qantas points are worth about 1.4 cents per point in value for economy class redemptions. If I punch in that number to Cash vs. Miles calculator, I get the following results.

Miles Vs Cash Calculator

I would save $276 on four tickets if I used points. Now, let’s go ahead and book these tickets.

Transferring the Points

Transferring points from Capital One to Qantas’s account was a breeze. The first thing I did was to log onto Capital One’s website and clicked on the “Rewards Miles” tab. Once I was in the Miles/Rewards dashboard, I clicked on the “Convert Rewards” tab. Next, I scrolled down until I saw “Qantas Frequent Flyer” on this page. After that, I clicked on the “Transfer Miles” link.

how to transfer Capital One miles to Qantas portal

A pop-up opened where I entered my Qantas membership number and clicked on the Next button. On the following screen, it asked me how many points I wanted to transfer and I entered 64,000 and hit submit. Point transfers usually take a day, so Capital One displayed a message that it might take a day.

The same steps apply to all of Capital One’s transfer partners.

how to transfer Capital One miles to Qantas portal

Within a few minutes, I received an email confirming that my miles had been transferred. I am ready to book the flights now.

Booking the Tickets

To start the booking process, I logged in to the Qantas website and specified my travel details. Toogeld the “Use Points” option.

qantas booking tickets partners

After clicking on Search Flights, I was redirected to a new page where I had to confirm my date again. Once I selected my dates and seat class, it showed I needed 16000 points per passenger for the round trip. It also showed that the flight would be operated by American Airlines.

American Airline booking using Qantas points

I confirmed my passenger details and confirmed the booking. I had to pay $44.00 in fees. This will be my first time flying on American Airlines domestically and I’m looking forward to it.

You can use this post as a guide if this is your first time transferring points from Capital One to a partner airline. In addition, this is how you would use Qantas points on American Airlines flights booking.

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