Percentage Calculator

Effortlessly calculate percentages with our free Percentage Calculators. Quickly find both increase and decrease, just enter the values and let the tool handle the rest.

Percentage/Discount Calculator

25% of 100 is 25

Find out what the discount or percentage will be by using our simple calculator.

How to calculate a percentage?

  • Determine the total: Let’s say it’s $100.
  • Determine the portion: suppose it’s $25.
  • Divide the part by the whole: $25 ÷ $100 = 0.25
  • Multiply by 100: 0.25 x 100 = 25
  • Add the % symbol: 25%

How to calculate percentages in Microsoft Excel?

  • Enter the values you want to use in the calculation in two adjacent cells of your Microsoft Excel sheet.
  • Enter the calculation formula in a third cell while using the data from the first two cells. =(cell holding a part/cell containing the full thing)*100 should be the formula.
  • To see the result, press the “Enter” key on your keyboard.
  • Use the right mouse click to select “Format Cells,” “Percentage,” and “OK” to format a cell. In this phrase, the percentage sign should be used: 25%.

If you have the values $100 in cell A1 and $25 in cell A2, you would enter the formula “=(A2/A1)*100″ in cell A3. The result would be displayed as 25%.

Percentage Change Calculator

50.00% increase ⬆️

Fill in two numbers to calculate % change. Percentage changes will show up as an increase or decrease.

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