Old Navy Credit Card Is Moving to Barclays From Synchrony Financial

Old Navy Credit Card Is Moving to Barclays From Synchrony Financial

Old Navy credit card, which used to be issued by Synchrony Financial, will be switched over to Barclays in June 2022.

In August 2021, news broke that Barclays bought Gap Inc’s credit card portfolio in the US for $3.8 billion. It seems like the transition will take place this summer.

The postcard below showed up in my mailbox today. The credit card has a new design and a new website too.

According to the website:

Beginning on June 16, you will no longer have access to your online credit card account through Synchrony at oldnavy.syf.com/login.


Visit oldnavy.barclaysus.com to set up payments directly from a checking or savings account or make arrangements using your new account information with your other bill payment services.

Another important thing to note, this transition will switch all the Gap Inc. credit cards to Mastercard from Visa. For example, Gap Inc. Visa Signature Card Rewards will be a World Mastercard in the future.

Old Navy Credit Card World Mastercard

However, it is unclear what World Mastercard benefits it will include, as per the FAQ. I will update the post when I get my hands on the brochure.

While your Navyist Rewards Credit Card program benefits are not changing, the benefits Mastercard provides versus Visa may vary. For more information about Mastercard benefits and coverage, see the Guide to Benefits that will arrive with your Notice of Change in Terms in mid-April.

I have been an Old Navy credit card holder for the last 8-9 years, and my wife does a lot of shopping there. So I count this as a positive change as Barclays has a better reputation than Synchrony Financial. Hopefully, I can use Barclays’ app to make payments and manage the account.

Synchrony Financial’s website was atrocious, and there was no mobile app.

Update – 04/25/2022: I got the brochure in the mail today and it shows the Navyist Rewards Credit Card will include the following Mastercard Benefits. I wonder what the Navyist Rewards and Rewards World Mastercard will include. Also, I was wondering if it’s possible to product change between the different tiers of cards. I might give Barclays a call once I get the card.

  • Mastercard ID Theft Protection
  • Mastercard Global Service
  • MasterRental Coverage

Old navy mastercard benefits Update – 06/07/2022: The conversion process will be completed on June 20, 2022 as confirmed by the letter received with the new card and tweet from Barclays.

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