Maximize Credit Cashback and Points by Using Their Reward Programs

Maximize Credit Card Cashback and Points by Using Their Reward Programs

These days, most credit card issuers have their cashback and deals platform. Utilizing these programs, you can double or triple dip to save a decent amount of money when shopping.

This post will discuss some of these programs and show you how to maximize your earnings while using them.

Below is a list of cashback/reward programs from some major US banks/finance apps.

Amex,CashApp,US Bank Cashback deals

You can access these deals by logging into your bank’s app or website. Cardlytics, except Amex, power most of these deals programs, whos has their own platform.

Some of these deals are crazy good. For example, CashApp gave 99% off during last holidays on specific merchants. I got a pair of Cros for 2-3 dollars! You need to monitor their Twitter or Instagram account to get alerts when you drop these crazy deals.

I highly recommend following Doctor of Credits‘ Twitter account or RSS feed to find out whenever a new exciting offer is available from all the other credit card issuers.

You have to activate most of these offers by logging into the app or credit card website before you can use them. Don’t forget that part!

How to “Double-Dip” on These Offers?

This only works for online shopping or order. For example: if there is an offer from American Express for $5 on $50 on order, you would:

  • Activate it on your Amex app.
  • Then go to your preferred Cashback site such as TopCashback or RebatesMe (referral) to activate their cashback offer via the browser extension or their site.
  • Place an order on normally with your credit card. This should trigger your credit card offer, and once the cashback site confirms your order, you will get back on your account.

These same steps apply to all other cards as well. Note: do read the terms and conditions for the offer. In some cases, some products or orders are not eligible to earn cashback.


In addition, check Cashback Monitor to see which site is offering the most cashback for your order.

Pro-tip: Rakuten (referral) allows you to get cashback in Amex membership rewards points. This is where the triple-dip method comes in, as you can use these points for travel and get more value from them. However, they only allow you to cash out once every three months, so I use them less. TopCashback gives a 3%-5% bonus if you cash out via visa or other retailer gift cards.

How Much Have I Earned on Cashback So Far?

I got receipts! Using these cashback methods on one Amex card, I have saved $191.87, which is just from the Amex offer. I have not kept a tally on how much I earned through various cashback sites.

Amex offers savings so far

However, I have earned $301 on Rakuten, over $320 on TopCashback, $50 on Honey (referral) and more. So, as you can see, by activating offers with credit cards and using cashback sites, you can bring the cost down for your average shopping. Now, that is what being frugal is about.

CashApp (referral) is a must-have app if you regularly go to Starbucks, Burger King, Sam’s Club and more. They have rotating categories of these offers that really comes in handy. Note: you need to have the CashApp card to boost offers, and this is a debit card.

Many other fintech apps and credit cards offer similar offers, such as Point Rewards Debit Cards. And you can use this same method for all your online shopping and earn generous cashback.

Happy hunting!

Featured image Avery Evans


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