Free Online Privacy Protection Tool From Discover

Free Online Privacy Protection Tool From Discover

Discover has released a free online privacy protection tool to help existing customers protect and remove their personal information automatically from people search engines.

I am a big fan of free privacy protection tools and previously wrote about them. It was reported by Doctor of Credit when it launched. However, it was not available to everyone at the time.

It’s now rolling out to all users, and you can start enrolling in Discover’s mobile app.

What Is It?

This brand-new tool is called Online Privacy Protection and only available in the mobile app. It will give you more control over your sensitive personal information on People-search sites. People-search websites scrape the internet for your information and post it online, usually without your permission. Although these sites might seem harmless, they can be a major privacy concern.

Let’s look at some key features of Online Privacy Protection tool:

  • Online Privacy Protection is only available in Discover Bank’s mobile app.
  • Every 90 days Discover will automatically request opt-out notifications for you at the following 10 people search engines:
  • It will take up to 48 hours to remove the information, but it may take longer.

How To Sign Up?

To get started, download Discover’s app from the App Store or GooglePlay store. Create an account if you don’t have one. Next, log in the app and scroll down. You should see “Online Privacy Protection” in the Card Benefits section, like the screenshot below.


Discover Online Privacy Protection signup

Click/tap on it, and it will show you details about the program. Next, click on Get Started and then Enroll & Start Scan button.

Discover Online Privacy Protection Sign Up Step 2

That will start the scan right away, and at the bottom of this screen you will see your details of the information they are scanning on the People-search websites.

Discover Online Privacy Protection Scan

After the scan is done, the results will be displayed on the same page. As you see from the screenshot below, my records did not show up on any of these websites, which is great!

Discover Online Privacy Protection Scan Results


There is a FAQ section with a lot of useful information. I have added some common ones below.

Discover Online Privacy Protection Scan FAQ

How does Online Privacy Protection work?
Discover works with a third party to provide the benefit to you. We use the information we have on file for you such as name, age, and city of residence and scan 10 people-search sites for your exposed information. The benefit submits opt-out requests on your behalf to help remove your information from being published on these sites.

What is a people-search website?
People-search sites are often the first results you see when searching for a name online. They compile, publish, and sell your personal information such as your name, age, address, phone number, date of birth plus more and make it easily accessible for anyone to purchase online.

How do I unenroll?
You can unenroll at any time using the Discover mobile app. Visit the Online Privacy Protection dashboard and locate the unenroll link at the bottom of the page.

What does the “Opt-outs In Progress” section on my dashboard mean?
In progress means that we have submitted the opt-out request on your behalf to the people-search sites for processing.

Why is my information reappearing on these people-search sites?
This may be happening because: These sites continually add new, and reuse old, sources of data to replenish or republish the user’s profiles.

The Discover Online Privacy Protection tool is a great tool to help you get started with your online privacy protection. It is completely free, so I definitely recommend trying it out. I have personally tested it out, and I can verify that it does exactly what it says it does.

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