BOA Product Change Success: Unlimited Cash Rewards to Customized Cash Rewards

BOA Product Change Success: Unlimited Cash Rewards to Customized Cash Rewards

Bank of America offered a $200 bonus for product change to existing customers to Unlimited Cash Rewards card around August-November 2021. I wanted to check if I could switch back to the Customized Cash Rewards card couple after getting the bonus.

Last summer, I was targeted for the promotion via email, and since it was no hard pull to switch, the offer was too good to pass up.

Bank of America Product Change Email Unlimited Cash Rewards

So, I switch to Unlimited Cash Rewards through the email link. Within a month, I met my spending requirement and immediately redeemed the bonus for statement credits.

BOA Unlimited Cash Rewards redemption

The Unlimited Cash Rewards card is a decent card with 1.5% cash back, but it was not the right card for me. To be honest, I switched for the bonus. The 3% select category of Customize Cash Rewards is a flexible feature that I really like.

I applied for Bank of America Premium Rewards last monthwhich I was planning  to downgrade Customized Cash Rewards. However, I was denied. Therefore, my option was to try a product change with the Unlimited Cash Rewards card that I already have.

Last week, I called Bank of America customer support and explained that I wanted to product change Unlimited Cash Rewards to Customized Cash Rewards. The agent put me on hold and did not ask me why I wanted to switch or any other questions. She agreed to submit the application and ensured it wouldn’t be a hard pull. I did not get a confirmation whether it is a 100% switch confirmation or I just had to wait.

This morning, I logged into my account and saw that the product change was successful! So, if you are in the same boat as me, there is my data point.

All things considered, it was an easy process, and I am happy to be earning 3% for online shopping again.

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