Average Calculator

Easily calculate the average of up to 10 numbers with our user-friendly Average Calculator. Simply enter your numbers and let the calculator do the rest.

Average Calculator

Enter up to 10 numbers:


What are some of the uses of this calculator?

  • Determining the average test scores for students in a classroom or exam.
  • Averaging out monthly expenses to get a budget estimate for household or business finances.
  • Calculating the average weight or height of a group of people, animals, or objects.

How to calculateĀ  average in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets?

  1. In a column or row, enter the numbers you want to find the average of.
  2. You can use the “AVERAGE” function to determine the average. This function computes the mean value across a set of cells. To use it, enter “=AVERAGE(range of cells)” in the cell where you want the average to show. For example, if the numbers are in cells A1 to A5, enter “=AVERAGE(A1:A5).”
  3. Press Enter and the average will be calculated and displayed in the selected cell.
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